Ammunition Policy

The Range at Ballantyne is proud to announce our ammunition policy. Our policy is a result of the valuable feedback we have received from our customers at The Range at Lake Norman. Our policy will allow shooters to have different types of experiences and also allow our facility to maintain the clean lanes and atmosphere we have been known for.

All of our lanes restrict the use of home made reloaded ammunition.  We can not account for the quality of reloads created by our guests, we therefore do not allow reloaded ammunition, unless it is from a commercial re-loader who provides us with a certificate of insurance in the amount of $2 million.

This currently includes:

  • P&G performance ammunition
  • Atlanta Arms and Ammo
  • Access Ammunition
  • Fort Mill Munitions
  • Defender Ammunition
  • Freedom Munitions

All other reloaded ammunition is expressly prohibited, please see an RSO for details.  If you purchase other Remanufactured ammunition, and would like to shoot it at the range, please contact us and provide information, we will reach out to the ammo company and ask for the needed information to allow their product to be used.

Shotgun shooters will be required to shoot slug. Bird and Buck shot (except for Federal Flite control) are strictly prohibited from being shot at any time in The Range.

Rifle shooters are permitted to shoot FMJ rifle rounds, up to .338 Lapua. If you would like to shoot any larger caliber, please contact one of our associates in advance. Absolutely no Tracer rounds, Steel Core rounds or armor piercing rounds of any type are allowed at any time.

Black powder firearms are allowed to be shot.  Please contact The Range or range staff prior  to shooting any black powder firearms.

All ammunition brought into The Range must be new manufactured ammunition, and must be in the original box. No loose ammunition or privately reloaded ammunition is allowed to be shot at The Range.  All ammunition is subject to inspection.

No policing of brass is allowed in the shooting bays.

The following rounds are strictly prohibited from being shot at The Range:

  • Lead round nose – any caliber
  • Reloaded ammo not manufactured by a commercial reloader with a certificate of insurance on file at The Range.  (see above list)
  • Bird and Buck Shot (except for Federal Flite control)
  • Tracer or incendiary rounds of any kind
  • Armor or metal piercing rounds
  • Hollow Point ammunition MAY be shot. Please obtain approval from the RSO on duty prior to shooting hollow points.

In accordance with company safety policy, and for the safety and protection of all our guests and staff members, The Range personnel will check all firearms and ammunition prior to entering the firing range (exception being legally concealed firearms).   We thank you for your cooperation and obeying our ammunition policy, and we look forward to continuing to being your place to shoot.

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