Daily Rates – Ballantyne Training Range

  • Lane rates
      • $19.99 per person per day – individual rate
        • Discount days – apply to per person lane fees only
          • Senior day – Tuesdays – 60 and over – $10.99/person daily lane fee
          • LE day – Thursdays – all law enforcement and military current and retired – $10.99/person daily lane fee
      • $29.99 for two people to share a lane (must be a shared lane or individual rate will apply)
      • Personal instruction with NRA certified instructors
        • $75 an hour for one person, $100.00 for two people. (does not include ammunition)
        • $40 per half hour for one person $60.00 for two (does not include ammuniton)
      • Firearms rentals
        • $6 per rental for handguns  (check out or list of rental firearms)
        • $6 per rental for long guns
        • All day rental pass – $19.99 (rent as many firearms as you want for the one fee, any and all calibers, handguns and/or long guns) Rental guns require the use of range ammunition.
      • Simulator Rental
        • $29.99/hr up to five people
        • $19.99/half hour up to five people
      • Special order fee – never
      • FFL transfers* – $30.00 for members, $60.00 for non-members
      • Any firearm purchased from one of out facilities and transferred to one of our locations to another never incurs a transfer fee (Ballantyne, Lake Norman or The Pineville Gun Shop)*
      • Gun safety checks – $10.00
      • Quick clean of firearms – $25.00
      • Detailed gun cleaning – $40.00 – $70.00
      • Consignments – 85% to owner if store credit selected, 75% if cash to be paid to seller.
        • Purchasers of consignment firearms will be required to have a NIC’s checked performed and pay a $25.00 transfer fee.

    Please see our ammunition policy, for details on the type of ammunition that can be shot at The Range and restrictions.

    Children must be at least 10 years old and accompanied by a parent to shoot at The Range.

    *If a firearm is transferred to one of our facilities and needs to be again transferred to another of our facilities, you could incur a double transfer charge.
    Please be sure all transfers are shipped to your proper states facility.
    NC residents must pickup handguns at one of our NC facilities.  SC residents must pick up handguns at The Range at Ballantyne.

    Please click here to request an FFL transfer.